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Be Smart. Be Safe.
(Insurance Bureau of Canada)
Your best insurance is
an insurance broker
(Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario)

Cathy S. Ramsundar Insurance Broker is a Risk Management Professional specializing in Risk Analysis and Insurance Solutions for Automobiles, Homes, and Businesses.

Having the right insurance coverage is essential for everyone. When insured people suffer accidents and losses, insurance companies help them get well, support them if they are unable to work and protect them financially if they hurt someone else and are sued for it. The insurance system works best if everyone involved understands what insurance is, what it does and how it works. Cathy S. Ramsundar Insurance Broker will

  • take the time with you to understand your insurance needs and to recommend the appropriate insurance solutions to meet your needs;

  • "shop around" to the many insurance companies in her portfolio to match the appropriate insurance solutions
    to the lowest possible prices within the insurance markets

  • explain your policy and coverage in clear, precise language, and

  • Cathy is appropriately licensed to operate in the province of Ontario by the Registered Insurance Brokers of Ontario.

Cathy S. Ramsundar Insurance Broker provides the following services regarding General Insurance:

Why use a broker?
When making a claim, you need the confidence of knowing you made the right decision about your insurance company. Independent insurance brokers put your needs first, helping you collect and understand the facts. The broker advantage gets you:

The best coverage
With over 300 insurance companies in Canada, brokers help narrow the field so you can make an informed decision. Your broker will help ensure you're putting your trust and money with the right company.

The best value
Getting cheap insurance may not buy you the best coverage. Insurance brokers find the right combination of coverage and price that work best for you.

Simplified claims experience
The whole claims process can be a bit overwhelming - especially when you've just experienced an accident or loss of property. Your broker will work with both you and your insurance company to ease the process.

Up-to-date protection
Insurance brokers get to know you, your life and your needs. Once you choose a policy, your broker will help ensure that your coverage continues to reflect your needs as they change.

Find an insurance broker near you and get the professional advice you need

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Tel: (647)955-7587 OR Toll-free 1-866-527-8645


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